DA – Development Approval (council)

(Part of Documents )

1. Architectural plans: existing and proposed; showing landscaping and BASIX commitments; The entire site
Detail of all existing including buildings to be demolished
Details of easements
Calculations of existing and proposed floor areas
Landscaping plan and calculation
The layout of proposed development on all floors

2. Elevations and sections
Showing natural ground level and proposed changes to ground level
Height of the proposed development from natural ground level to finish floor levels, ceiling and roof ridge levels

3. Cut, fill and retaining
If required a separate cut and fill plan with retaining wall detail should be provided

4. Materials and finishes
Details of proposed external colours, materials and finishes

5. BASIX certificate for the project over 50,000$ cost estimate

6. Stormwater concept plan
General details
Drainage system

7. Survey plan

8. Structural plans signed by an structure engineer

9. Other documents may require according to the
Project and location such as:
Waste management,
Engineering check list
And etc.

CDC – Complying Development Certificate

1. Copy of a recent Section 149(2) certificate;

2. 3 sets of architectural plans complying with the NSW General Housing Code and also showing landscaping and BASIX commitments;

3. BASIX certificate;

4. 3 sets of building specifications;

5. 3 sets of structural engineer’s plans;

6. 3 sets of a recent survey plan;

7. 3 sets of stormwater plans complying with your local Council’s stormwater Policy

8. Sydney Water Quickcheck approval stamp;

9. Long Service Levy Payment at the rate of 0.35% of the estimated cost of the project

10. If you are not the owner of the subject property, a letter from the owner(s) indicating their consent for the lodgement of the application for a Complying
Development Certificate;

11. *If you are not the owner builder, a copy of your builder’s details and home owner’s warranty insurance (if the value of work is over $20,000); or

12. *A copy of your owner builder’s permit